Linking an Existing Domain to Your Workfolio - GoDaddy

Workfolio allows you to register one .com, .net, or .info domain free as part of any subscription plan. Many of our users also have domains that they purchased through a registrar, like GoDaddy®, that they would like to point to their Workfolio. With a few quick changes, you can point http://[your domain].com to your Workfolio.



Step 1: Let Workfolio know about your domain

First, let Workfolio know that you will be sending traffic from your existing domain:

  1. Log in to Workfolio
  2. Click on the gear icon (top right) to reveal the settings drop-down menu and click on Account
  3. Select the Domains button (direct link here)
  4. Click the Add a domain you already own… button
  5. Add your domain in the Your Domain field
    • Add a record for (without the www for this step)
    • Please note that if you would like to point to Workfolio, you must add a record for in addition to the record you just created for
  1. Click Save & Close 

Step 2: Update your DNS records to point to Workfolio's servers

After step 1, Workfolio knows to be the lookout for visitors from your site, but you will need to make some changes where your DNS records are kept (typically where you purchased your domain) to send that traffic to Workfolio.

We will use GoDaddy® in this guide, but feel free to email us at or call us at (212) 659-7121 if you have another registrar and have trouble setting this up.
  1. Visit and log in to your account
  2. Navigate to the Domain Management page (here)
  3. From the control panel, select the domain you would like to use with Workfolio
  4. Click on the "settings" icon and choose Manage DNS from the drop-down. godaddy_manage_dns.jpg
  5. Edit the values for @ so that it points to and click Quick Add and write root in the Host field pointing to
  6. If you wish to point to your Workfolio, edit the www record in the CNAME section on the same page so that it points to If you forgot this domain, you can view it at any time by visiting the Account section in your Workfolio settings menu.
  7. Click the Save button and confirm you want to apply the changes you've just made.
  8. Now go to, and log into your Workfolio on the Admin menu (the three horizontal bars on the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard), and then click on the "Account" link. From there, click on the tab that says "Domains". On this page, you will see a button that says "Add a Domain you already own". You will need to click on that button, type in your domain, and then click the "Save and Close" button. Make sure to add one record for the http:// version of your domain, and one record for the http://www. version of your domain, so that both versions point to your Workfolio website.Updated_Domain_Pointing_Screenshot.jpg

Step 3: Sit back

The changes you've made to the DNS records will take some time to propagate across the internet (sometimes up to 24 hours, although it's usually visible sooner). If you are having difficulty setting this up or if 24 hours have passed and you still do not see your changes, feel free to contact us at or call us on our support line at (212) 659-7121.


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