Changing Your Workfolio Subdomain

When you create a free trial account with Workfolio, you are given a web address where visitors can see the public version of your website. Your address is determined by your Username and will look like this:

You can change the subdomain piece of your URL by visiting your profile options page (via this direct link) and setting a new Username.

  1. Click the Admin menu (top right) and click on the Account button to reveal your profile info:

  2. Edit the value of the My Username field to your desired subdomain

  3. Click the Submit button in the bottom right corner of the page

If the username you have selected is available, your Workfolio website will now have a new URL. If the username was already taken, you will be asked to enter another username.


  1. Your previous subdomain will not redirect your visitors to your new subdomain. Change your subdomain as early as possible after having created your Workfolio. Update any links you have created to your Workfolio on other sites to reflect this change.
  2. If you change your subdomain after you've purchased a domain (e.g. with us or after you've linked an existing domain registered with a third party registrar you will need to change the "www" CNAME record with your registrar.
  3. Changing your subdomain could affect your website's SEO. It is unlikely that search engines would automatically identify
as having moved to:

Plan this change carefully and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the update process.

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