Identifying Your Browser and Its Version

Workfolio uses many different technologies to deliver the best possible experience to its users. Because the web constantly evolves, it is important to be running a browser which is up-to-date and standards-compliant.

Being able to identify not only the browser but also the version you are using could be helpful if you are having issues with Workfolio. If you are uncertain what browser version is running on your system, here are two methods to figure this out.

The simplest method

By far the easiest way to figure out what browser you are using is to visit for a basic report.

If you need further details about plugin versions and overall capabilities of your browser go to

All this information can be emailed to an administrator directly from the bottom of the page.

Alternative method

You can find out more about your web browser by accessing the information window from the application’s main menu (Mac) or its toolbar “help/about…” (Windows)

Windows Internet Explorer

Gear menu:

ie-menu.jpg ie-ver_num.jpg


Mac OS


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