Importing Your LinkedIn Profile Data

Workfolio integrates with LinkedIn to allow you to register for and sign into Workfolio with a single click. It also pulls some of your LinkedIn information in to form the basics of your website content. This gets your new website off to a great start, although you need to add more information to your website as you can for SEO purposes.

Note: Importing from LinkedIn does not create a persistent link. If you update the information on your LinkedIn profile after importing it, you will need to manually make the same changes to your website. Information changed on your Workfolio website will not affect the information on your LinkedIn profile.

Also note that LinkedIn only allows us to import a small portion of your profile information. Your skills, education history, and any of your employment history other than your current job will not be added to your website during the import process.


LinkedIn data can be imported at any time:

  1. When signing up for Workfolio using the LinkedIn button on the sign-up page

  2. Any time after you have signed up using our standard sign-up form


Adding your LinkedIn data to your existing account

  1. Log in to Workfolio

  2. Click the admin menu, then click on the "Account" button

  3. In the Account/Profile tab, click on "Import my LinkedIn profile"

  4. Click "OK" to confirm the operation
  5. Enter the email and password you use to log in to LinkedIn (if you hadn't already) and click  "Allow access"

That's it! Your browser will refresh and you will see your LinkedIn information on your website.

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