Changing the Domain that Shows Up in Search Results (and Social Sharing)

When you created your account with Workfolio, we gave your website a URL so other people could access it (it is formatted like (your subdomain) When visitors see your website in the results on a search engine, or if your website is shared on a social network, this default URL will be the one that is displayed. If you register a domain through us or point a domain you registered elsewhere to your Workfolio website, however, you can set that domain to show up in search results and social media instead. To change this, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click the admin button at the top of the page (it has three white bars)
  3. Click "Account"
  4. On the following page, click the drop-down menu under "Domain Displayed in Search Results" toward the bottom left-hand side of the page to see a list of available domain options
  5. Choose the domain you would like to show up in search results and social sharing. Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page to save your selection.

That's it! Note that it may take a few days for your change to appear in search results.

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