What's the Difference Between Mail Forwarders and Mailboxes?

Workfolio offers Executive subscribers the ability to create both email forwarders and mailboxes with their custom domains. While services like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail have greatly simplified our work lives, they oftentimes leave us with unprofessional-looking email addresses. Creating a custom email address attached to your domain name allows you to create addresses you would never be able to get on popular mail services (john@johnsmith.com, for example) and also makes you look savvy to anyone who emails you for setting up your own custom email address.

Creating a mailbox or a forwarder

Learn about how to create a mailbox or forwarder here.


An email forwarder allows you to create an email address attached to your custom domain that accepts email and forwards it to an existing email address. It is essentially an alias for your existing email address. Note: When you respond to email received through your forwarder, you will be responding from your existing email address, not the address of the forwarder. If you want to respond using your custom email address, you will need to set up a mailbox.


A mailbox allows you to send and receive mail to an email address attached to your custom domain. You can register one mailbox (to send and receive email). Many of our subscribers simply use their first name for their mailbox. For example, (john@johnsmith.com) but you are free to choose a different name for your mailbox, as well.

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