Choosing a Good Custom Domain

Registering a custom domain for your website is one of the easiest and best ways to enhance your personal brand. Listing your custom website URL on your resume, business cards, and social media profiles helps give visitors the impression that you take your personal brand seriously, and that you know your way around web technology.

For individuals

When choosing a custom domain, we recommend picking one that includes your name as you would expect people would search for it online. For example, if your name were John Smith, you might expect that people would simply search for "John Smith" when trying to find you online, so your domain should be as close to "" (or .net, or .info) as you can get it. If the name on your business cards is "John J. Smith", you might want to try to get "".

For businesses

If you intend to use your website for your business, the same general logic applies -- you should choose a domain that contains the name of your business.

For everyone

Search engines give preference to websites whose domains contain the words for which a user is searching, so try to register a domain that is as close to your name (or the name of your business) as possible. If the exact domain you want to register is already taken, we recommend including your middle initial, adding a hyphen between words, or trying the .net or .info versions of the name you want to try to get one that is available.

Note: Once your domain has been registered it cannot be changed, so be sure that you are happy with the domain name you have chosen before completing the registration process.

If you have any questions about choosing a domain, or need any help getting started, please feel free to contact us directly at

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