Choosing a Website Theme

Workfolio has five different themes: Aperture, Classic, Concise, Sidebar, and Mosaic.

When you first log into your website in Edit mode, your default theme will be Aperture.

You can change your website theme at any time, and your content will not be deleted. With the exception of Mosaic, the themes will transfer the content you have already added into the same sections on the new theme. We've included a visual guide and description of each theme below:


Aperture (default)

The Aperture theme uses a bold design and shows your content over a full-screen background. This is very modern, substantial layout that has lots of sections for you to describe your interests, professional experience and share different types of media, including videos, files, links, and images.



The Classic theme uses a traditional website design with a modern, infographic feel. The Classic layout is great for categorizing different types of work and experiences you have on different pages.



Concise is a great way to tell your professional and personal story with a contemporary layout. Visitors and potential employers have the ability to view your skills, interests and experiences in a compact and organized way.



The Mosaic layout is a single-page theme that is visual and modular. This theme is great for showcasing visual media and content.




The sidebar theme offers an organized and contemporary way of sharing your professional background and personality with visitors and potential employers. Compact sections and an intuitive, user-friendly layout make it easy for you to highlight specific skills and interests.


If you have any questions or difficulty choosing or editing your theme, please feel free to reach out to us by phone at (212) 659-7121 or by email at

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