The Editing Experience

Your Workfolio website contains a number of different sections, and these sections have different types of content and different ways to edit that content. This article will explain how each of the different editing methods works, including editing plain text, editing rich text sections, form-based editing, and editing sections with multiple items.

General text

Most of the text content in your website can be edited simply by clicking on the text you want to change and typing (or pasting content from another place). Your changes will be saved automatically by clicking outside the text, or clicking the check mark above most pieces of text. You will see an animation in a gold box at the bottom right-hand corner of the page, and successful changes will display a checkbox that looks like this before disappearing:

Text content can be further divided into "plain text", which does not allow further styling, and "rich text", which allows you some control over the styling of your text.


Plain text content

Plain text content allows you to input pre-formatted text in a specific space. Most of the text sections on your website, including section titles, headline text, and the "Interests", "Causes", and "Proudest Accomplishment" sections, contain plain text content. Plain text content also typically comes with a character limit, and the number of characters already used and the total number available can be seen in the gold box above your text. The number of characters used will update as you type.


Rich text content

Rich text content allows you to bold, italicize, and underline your text, as well as create bulleted and numbered lists, and create and remove links. The "Questions and Answers" section and the "About" text section are examples of sections with rich text content.


Sections with multiple items 

Some sections, including the "Videos", "Files", "Images", and "Skills" sections, contain a number of items rather than a single piece of text content. In most multiple-item sections, you will see a gold "+" button after the last item, which you can click to add new items to that section.

For multiple-item text sections, you can click the text field and begin typing your content immediately after adding a new item. For content containing files or images, clicking the "+" button will prompt you to upload a file from your computer.

Most multiple-item sections allow you to reorder the items, which is accomplished by hovering over the item whose order you want to change, clicking and holding down the mouse on the icon with white bars on it on the left of the item, and dragging the item into its new position in the list. When you are satisfied with the order of an item, you can let go of the mouse button and your order will be saved.

You can also delete items by hovering over an item and clicking the trash can icon on the gold bar above the item.

Multiple-item section containing text


File upload system window


Form-based editing

Some sections cannot be edited by clicking directly in a given piece of text to edit. These sections require you to click on an edit "pencil" button, which opens a form where you can edit that section's content. Form-based sections include the "Timeline", "Videos", "Achievements", "Find me on", and "Currently Seeking" sections.

Make sure to click on the "Done" button on the bottom of each form when you are finished editing to save your changes. 


The blog

* Please note: The Mosaic theme does not display your blog. To use the blog feature, you will need to be in the Classic, Concise, Mosaic, or Aperture theme.

The blog section allows you to create and display blog posts. To add or edit blog posts, navigate to the blog page (or section, depending on your theme) and click on the "pencil" button. This will take you to the blog management page, where you can add and edit your posts.


The Blog Management page 


This should help you better understand how to edit content in the different sections on your website. If you have any questions about the editing interface, or need any help getting started, please feel free to reach out to us directly at

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