Setting Up Google Analytics for your Workfolio Website


First head over to:


When creating an account, you do not have to have a Gmail email after all. I recommend using the same email you signed up for/login at with.


Please keep in mind that if you are already logged in with a Gmail account, Google Analytics will assume that's the email you want to use for the Analytics. If you want to use your Gmail, then you can just stay logged in.


Step 1- First, visit and click on Create Account and enter in your first and last name, email you'd like to use for this, and create a password.


Step 2- Fill out the rest (the phone number is optional) and then press next.


Step 3- Agree to the Privacy and Terms.


Step 4- Click on the 'Set up for free' button.


Step 5- Enter an account name (for example, I named mine Lara's GA Tracking) and leave all checked.


Step 6- Choose Web (measure your website) and hit next.


Step 7- Then fill out the details of your property (the website you will be tracking). I gave my website the simple name of 'Lara's Site' and for Website URL, include your website domain. (Also check https as opposed to http). 

Industry category can be left blank. Last but not least, select your time zone and hit create.


Step 8- After submitting your property details, a page will appear with a Global Site Tag, which is a tracking code. The great news is, this will not be needed and can be completely skipped since we have Google Analytics already integrated in our websites. However, there is a final step to ensure that a Workfolio Website and Google Analytics are finally in sync.


Step 9- log into your account at From the dashboard, go into the Traffic Section and click on the Advanced Tab. Then click on Sync Google Analytics. 


The Sign in page for Google Analytics will then pop up. Even though it looks like a Gmail login page, you can sign in with whichever email you registered for Google Analytics with, (in my case 


As shown below, You will then be directed back to, where you can select the Google Analytics Account, the Google Analytics Property, and Google Analytics Profile. The names I created earlier for my Account and Property will appear. All Web Site Data will appear under the Google Analytics Profile as well. Then press submit.


And that's it! Your Workfolio Website is officially synced with Google Analytics! 


It should then take a day or two for tracking data to start appearing on Google Analytics. 


Remember your Google Analytics traffic page can always be viewed by visiting and by logging in with your email and password. 

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